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Sell photos online and make money

With the advancement of technology and the appearance of high performance electronic gadgets, we take billions of selfies every month around the world and where I came from the idea of ​​explaining how to sell your photos online (internet) and earn money.

Sell photos online and make money

  • Are you a photographer? Then this article is about you; you will find out how to make a living from your art online.
  • Are you a parent and did you like to film yourself with your family as memories? So I’m going to show you how to sell your photos online and make money.
  • Do you like to film yourself all the time? In events and the like? Know that it’s time to sort out and free up some space on your storage tool.
  • The photos of your lovely wedding, your baby when he was very small and too minions! Make the discoveries to the world and in return get paid for it too.
Whatever your clicks, there are a growing number of opportunities to monetize the photos you’ve already taken. And if photography is already your bag, there are many other ways to develop your skills and income.
“You know the exercise: read, learn and give yourself a good idea!”
How to start?
If you have or want a digital camera, you will have more options for selling images to media libraries, sites for printing, or print-on-demand products. Cameras generally produce larger files, although some phones have cameras that go beyond digital cameras, which is not always the case.
Do you have a camera phone? An increasing number of stock libraries offer mobile snapshots. You also have an idea of ​​the other business ideas below. Keep reading!


Some sort of editing software will help your images to be optimized for best results. So it’s worth looking for a good package and learning how to use it! So you can make more money with your photos. AdobePhotoshop is the industry standard for photo editing, but it costs a lot! Don’t crack your wallet until you’re sure what you’re doing.
  • FastStone Image Viewer can open RAW files directly from your digital camera and save them in JPG, TIFF or PNG format. OK for basic changes like color correction, straightening, cropping and contrast.
  • RawTherapee is a Lightroom editor with many tools for modifying colors, curves and more.
  • PIXLR is a compelling alternative to Photoshop and even recognizes the same shortcuts. You can run it directly from a browser / through the app for free.
  • GIMP can do a lot of what Photoshop does, although some users find the learning curve more difficult.

Sell your photos online at stock libraries

Stock libraries buy and sell digital photos for use on websites, books, products, and even in advertisements.
Selling your photos online on a stock site is a great way to surf passive income streams: you can upload a photo once and resell it over and over again, almost forever!
You may need to submit a selection of photos and be accepted before you can become an action library contributor. After that, some sites will continue to review all of your submissions and will be happy to reject those that they believe do not meet the standards.
This means that you will always need to be on top to choose your best moves. However, don’t be intimidated by rejections: join multiple sites and post photos on each of them to get the best possible coverage.

Sell your photos online: Which sites pay the most?

Alamy estimates that images sell for an average of $ 90 (USD) each, but you can get between $ 20 and $ 500, depending on usage. You can also Selling phone photos via their Stockimo application (iStore only) earns you 20%.

Other sites to consult to sell your photos online:

  • Picfair comes with a twist: you resolve how a lot your pictures promote for. Picfair then adds a maximum of 20% for its cut, but the sale price that you define is the one you will get if your image sells. 
  • EyeEm If Instagram and Alamy had a child in love, here’s what it would look like. EyeEm is a photo sharing site, but if you want to earn more than likes, you can also edit your images in the market. EyeEm shares each sale 50/50 with you, with photos sold between $ 20 and $ 250.
  • Foap is built around phone photographers, with everything managed via the app (Android, iTunes, free). Foap sells photos at $ 10 each and divides them 50/50 so that you earn $ 5 per photo. They also organize monthly missions, during which you can submit photos on a theme with a chance to earn money and additional benefits.

Best Places to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

Dreamstime offers up to 60% exclusivity. The quantity of photos sold also increases as they are downloaded: images for beginners are between 0.34 and 2.38 USD. If you’re filming on a phone, start with the free Dreamstime app (Android, iPhone).
GettyImages pays more than 15% of the selling price of an image, but promises you an even greater reduction if you create an exclusive image on the site. Photos are usually sold for £ 7 or £ 20, but the type of license or subscription plan purchased by the customer determines how your slice is calculated.
Shutterstock increases by 0.25 USD (USD) per sale with the most common subscription plans, but let’s say you will get a bigger discount if your lifetime earnings exceed the different levels. To put that in context, once you earn $ 10,000, you will be pushed to the dizzying height of 38 cents an image.
Adobestock is a branch of the famous classic photo editing software mentioned above. Adobe professionals use it most often for the sale of their illustrations thanks to the adobe cloud feature which makes it easy to insert and save photos in the Adobe market. Photos and illustrations sell for $ 29.99 subscription and you can cancel at any time.
On Fotolia, unlike other sites, each photographer appears in a ranking. Your ranking will increase as your photos are uploaded, which will also increase your commission on each photo.
For each sale, you will receive between 33 and 64% of commission (yes I know it is precise). It depends if you sell exclusively on the site or not.
Your photos must have a resolution higher than 3.7 megapixels.
Etsy is best referred to as a market to purchase and promote distinctive handmade items, so chances are you’ll not consider it when on the lookout for locations to promote inventory images. However, Etsy boasts over 30 million prospects and a variety of different alternative routes to promote your pictures through their platform.
The extraordinary thing about Etsy is that they have a bigger crowd than most stock photograph destinations and a segment that is prepared to buy your pictures. Of course, you can sell digital images on Etsy, but you can also sell prints. So, if you’re looking to expand your photography business even more, Etsy is a great option!
Just bear in mind when promoting prints, you’ll must consider the price of printing, packing, and delivery.
Etsy additionally lets you value your personal images, and the location gives you full management over the way you show your images to patrons. If you need full management over your picture promoting however don’t need to make your personal website from scratch, Etsy is likely to be an excellent match for you.
On 123fr, you do not only sell the photos but you can also sell videos, audios and also vectors and the prices per sale vary from $ 0.98 to $ 20 which can still seize up well.
Playing at the stock market (photo)
Earning money from stock photos can mean substantial cash-in, but there are a few things to keep in mind …
Stock photography is a numbers game: if you want sales, you need to upload lots of quality images from multiple sites.
Photos of people are always in great demand, but you may need to sign a standard form to be able to use the template (your library stores template forms that you can print, sign and send).
Check the account conditions! When will you be paid and in what currency? What happens to your photos if you want to cancel your account later?”
Sell ​​your prints
There is a lot of freedom in the sale of prints, that is to say printed copies of your photos. You decide what to draw, to whom to sell and at what price, and, like selling through stock libraries, this can be a nice little passive livelihood.
Now, before you launch Boots to batch print your vacation photos, there’s a little more. Even if you can print photos on your personal printer or in a high street lab, higher quality means higher profits!
This means using an appropriate printing laboratory specializing in art or frame prints, opting for special paper or even selling limited or signed editions. Does that sound like a drag? Not necessarily – there is an inspiration below to help you get started.
Get your own store
Alternatively, you can always get your own website or Etsy store and hang more of your profit!
Getting prints or gifts for sale is also very simple: go for print on demand and you won’t have to store.
Selling on social media
Ultimately, the social media giants will be notified and will begin to allow us to sell photos and other content directly from our profiles.
But until then, take advice from street photographer Daniel Arnold: he offers Instagram subscribers the opportunity to order prints from his feed – and earns $ 15,000 in one day. Obviously, it helps if you already have a solid fan base, but if you have talent and the right hashtags, it’s worth it!
The best thing about selling on social media is that you don’t even need a website: your feed is your portfolio, and you have a huge potential audience!
Go print on demand
Print-on-demand is a simple and brilliant method of selling photos online. Create from mouse pads, key chains, t-shirts, bags, books and more, often at no cost. installation.
The real beauty of print on demand is that while you can promote tons of products, none of them exist until someone buys them – there is therefore no stock to store, lose or drop. Better yet, some sites produce, print and display for you. All you have to do is take the pictures!

Photo books

Your photo book
First step: Blurb, the self-publishing publishing platform.
Blurb allows you to create photo albums simply by importing your Facebook or Instagram images and you can sell your finished book on Blurb or You can also advertise books on your own website (if you have one), but Blurb / Amazon takes care of the payment. Easy !
Sell your photos online as a gift
It turns out that you can type a photo on just about anything, from shower curtains to pet clothes and you don’t even need a glue gun to get started!
Most print-on-demand equipment allows you to upload your photos (or illustrations), choose the products you want to sell them on, and then reduce the profits if they sell.
CafePress pays you 10% if your products sell on their market, but you can choose to have your own online store and add a markup to the price you get as a royalty. It’s free to set up and operate a store, but CafePress charges 10% of your royalties each month, up to a maximum of $ 10.
With Spreadshirt, you can add an additional $ 1 to $ 20 on items sold in the market, or you can open your own store with a 20% commission.
Redbubble starts with a base product price and lets you add a markup – the default is 20%, but you can change it as much as you want.
Running a print-on-demand store is simple and inexpensive – if you’re happy with a one-time sale, it can be a good way to make money without much effort.
Sell your photos online in freelance mode
Selling your photos online anonymously is fairly easy – but if you want to create a representative, get more fame or just have clients, here are some tips to get you started as a freelance photographer:
  • Know your niche. Whether it’s people, pets, food or something totally   left, it’s easier to sell yourself if your portfolio shows what you do best.
  • Take the time to learn your trade. You may be lucky selling stocks if you don’t know your opening, but you can’t afford to risk it when someone pays you for wedding photos!
  • Set your rate and make sure it covers your time, your costs and leaves you a little over the top for profit. And get insurance for your equipment!
  • Suggest that your friends and family photograph events, parties or portraits to build a portfolio, and ask them to tell you about it. Or search for your favorite bloggers and offer them your photo ideas!
  • Hang your social media account with your best photos, let people know when you’re available and let them know how to get in touch. Get shots and take alternative promotional photos for brands, then tag them to get noticed.
  • Contact publishers of images from newspapers, magazines or websites and ask if you can submit photos or cover local events.
  • You may be more likely to be adopted by big agencies than getting a press pass, but it’s like a golden ticket that will allow you to be in sports, fashion and other exclusive events. You’ll have to apply every time, but once you get there, you’ll get lots of photos for sale!
You will need a lot of patience, persistence, good shoes and good photos – and you may need to give pictures for free when you start getting noticed. If you’re in the career, don’t give up. If you get what you pay for, go for it.
Thank you for your attention and wish you the best of the best
Let me know by your comments and comments on this article to sell your photos online and earn money; and especially don’t forget to share and subscribe to the blog for the next tutorials that come out every week.
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