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7 Easy Ways To Make Money with Emails ! Money Making Tips

7 Easy Ways to Make Money with Emails

The messaging services are multiplying from day to day and the market is jostling between individual and view the tons of message you receive or send each day so we found it useful to educate you on possible financial fallout from this activity from where we have gathered for you 7 easy ways to earn money with emails.
The time you spend reading or sending emails is the same time that you will use to earn money and you will ask me the question: how is this possible? Rest assured it is possible you would not need overtime for this activity.

Earn Money with Emails

No doubt you already know that to send emails you need the address of the one who receives the email and to make money you need as many emails as possible to make huge sales but maybe what you don’t know is how are you going to get hundreds of email addresses and start your online business today?
No time to measure my hand on my head and shout, oh my God, how do I do it; rest assured that’s what we start right away.

Mail collection and sending services

You need to be registered for the first time on the online mail collection and sending services, but what we will focus on for the first time is simply the collections and then we will see how to send them and more precisely in auto-responder mode.

Any pro mail collection service

These services will allow you to collect spam-free emails and keep them in safe places. We sorted it out and kept only the really good ones.
1- Aweber is the largest online mail collection and sending service. Use by most major agencies, startups and online brands. What makes it special is its large extension form which integrates and can be used on any type of existing platform on the web. You can have aweber here.
2- getresponse direct competitor of aweber, you will find on the site full of tools which will allow you to capture emails online namely: landing pages, forms, popups and many other tools to lead to your mission well. Discover getresponse here.
3- mailchimp will also offer you a lot of functionality for online emails. Receive training on mailchimp for free by indicating the subject “mailchimp training”.
4- mailerlite another online service with a very good tool for collecting emails. discover mailerlite here
5- sendinblue which will do the same job as these other brothers.
Register and search on Google for tutorials to better understand these software by what we will not do here for the sake of clarity.



Methods to collect emails

7 Easy Ways To Make Money with Emails ! Money Making Tips

Now that you are registered and that you have your various email capture tools at hand, namely: popups, landing pages and many more; you must now be a bit of a strategist if no one will give you their email address and this is what we will discover right away how to convince your users without any effort to give you their email address ?!


Tips for collecting emails

  • Provide free content: The method involves giving your users training, a free ebook and more in return for their emails. How is it going? You create a landing page for the download of your product and once the user submits their email to download the product then your email collection system saves these details.
  • Facebook advertising: you can go into a paid mode (advertise your email capture page) or share your links in groups, pages, profiles and many other methods that you know.
  • YouTube and social networks: if you are a Youtuber or commentator then know that YouTube today is a must-have email collection channel. In your videos, you simply put the registration link in the description of the video and for those who comment then simply recommend.
  • Popups on blogs: this concerns those who already have a blog or wish to have one.
  • emailcollector: is a site that has a google chrome extension that will allow you to collect emails while you are browsing the internet.
  • Business cards: look at the cards you have and try to see the emails you can retrieve from those cards
Now that you have a solid knowledge base with a database full of emails for sure; now let’s go to the monetization phase which will allow you to earn money with emails.

Earn money with Emails

Now let’s list these little techniques that will allow us to earn money with emails.

1- Earn Money with Emails: The Thank You Page

Once you’ve set up your email capture page to download your free product, don’t forget the page to write something like that on the thank you page or email. You must configure your messaging system so that once the client gives you their email and downloads the product then the system shows them a thank you message directly or sends an email directly.
Be inspired at this level; you can tell him: here are the resources that will be even more useful and at this level if you have something to sell send him the link to the sales page directly or else an affiliate product will do the trick.

2- Earn Money with Emails: Make Affiliation

Once you have collected the emails in several ways listed above, it is time for you to join. Choose your affiliate system in this article and once you have your affiliate links then write emails (configure programmable emails on aweber) and send to your subscribers recommending affiliate products.
What you should not do is recommend a product that you did not originally study. If possible pay for the product yourself through your affiliate link (1tpe allows this) since you pay the difference and once studying the product then describe what the product in question is talking about. Make you want to know more.

3- Make Money with Emails: Sell your own products

If you have something on hand then know that now is a good time to sell it all. Just use the email addresses you have, recommend your products not email and start making money.
Your products can be physical, which means that you will take care of the delivery or shipping and it could also be training that you sell and if you do not know where to sell training online then there a udemy,clickfunnelskooneo. These sites will allow you to host your videos and online content.

4- Earn Money with Emails: The auto-responder on your email

This method consists of creating an automatic response system on your messaging system and for those who have already configured a facebook page will certainly have this option which allows you to configure the messages of welcome or when. The user sends you a message and the system responds automatically with the message that you would have indicated in advance.
All online messaging systems (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) have these options but with the difference that they are not visible and require some knowledge for configuration. Set up a basic page that you want anyone who contacts you to receive and for us we will provide links and resources to sell only because our goal is to make money online with emails.
Imagine the number of emails you receive every day up to spam. You will configure a system which will take a message which you wrote with the links of your products or to affiliate and will answer automatically to that which will have written to you. Also useful for getting traffic.
You can turn to which does almost the same job.

5- Earn Money with Emails: Sponsored Emails

To earn money from e-mails this way, it’s a bit like reserving for big brands and agencies. If you are a brand or a large agency register on these sites, by indicating on the site your niche and certain agencies will contact you so you can include their links in your mailings as you can see on the capture and you will be paid in return.
An email we received from codepen and in the email was the ad. If you have a list of thousands of emails then you can use this method to make money with emails.

6- Earn Money with Emails: Get Paid by Reading Emails

get paid by reading emails
As listed above, you would not need overtime for this activity. You will read your emails as you did with the screen with the difference that you would be paid in return.

If you are interested in earning money by reading emails then we recommend sites like donkeymails; cathouse mails which are reliable and which really pays for reading the mails which you would read. Sign up and start making money by reading emails.

7- Earn Money with Emails: Sell Your Emails

As you can see, since then we keep telling you not to buy the emails since you don’t know how they were collected. Some are collected on e-commerce sites and some are collected by robots (computer program that goes around the internet and collects any word that has the extension @mail.).
If you have nothing to do with your emails then sell them and make money.
That’s it for this tutorial, and we hope you liked it and this is the case then share to support us; Also don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for our next great articles in your mailboxes. Leave us a note in the comments if you have something added.
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