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9 MOST PROFITABLE BLOG NICHES Strategies For Beginners

9 MOST PROFITABLE BLOG NICHES Strategies For Beginners

Make Money Every time you try to make money, every blogger, no matter how small, says only one thing: “Blog what you like” or “Write what you love”, but your passion really profitable?

Today I’m going to provide you with my selection of the 9 most profitable blog niches on the internet that you are going to start blogging at and make money faster than you should.
After all, if you are going to put all your work in your blog to make it grow, then realize that all your dreams of making 6 turnovers with your blog are erased because there are only a few people who are there interested.
A niche only becomes the most profitable if there is a problem and millions of people are interested in solving it. The more people, the more profit you can make with your blog. In other words, money is in popularity.
if your passion is not on this list and you really want to know if it is profitable or not, know that you can do it.
Log in to Google Adword with your Gmail account in the direction of the keyword planner and type in the keyword of your niche.
See how many people are looking for a specific keyword, try multiple keywords related to your niche, and if the search results show more than 100,000 searches, you’re good to go.
Anything below 100,000 could still be profitable, but it will be very difficult to achieve a 6-figure turnover.
But first, let’s answer the bigger question.

Do you really need a niche?

Creating a blog around a niche is a great idea if you want to target an audience with the same ideas, but it’s not really necessary.
You can write on your blog about different niches that interest you and thus attract more visitors.
By doing this, you will not be considered an authority site in a certain niche, but you can easily earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing and advertising.
Sometimes following your passion prevents you from making 5 or 6 sales with your blog.

9 Most Profitable Blog Niches

So here is the list of the 9 most profitable blog niches on the internet that can potentially earn you 6 revenue.

1- How to Earn Money

Money is the biggest problem people face and everyone wants to make a lot of money.
So, where there is a big problem, there is a lot of money and a lot of competition, because you will meet people like Olivier DUFFEZ (one of the best SEO specialists).
Right now, many new bloggers are getting into this niche after reading reports from Olivier Roland’s income and starting to think it is a piece of cake and that they would too.
But with a lot of people on the ground, this niche is becoming very saturated and if you plan to get into this niche, you will have to do something different to stand out from the crowd.
I mean you are already launching a blog that is enough to stand out from the crowd, but if you want to be successful here, you have to think more creatively.
And one thing to understand is that it will take time, so don’t give up.
The only secret to making a 6 figure turnover in the niche of how to make money is selling your own products and affiliate marketing and both need results first.
Affiliate marketing would be great if you are just starting out and don’t have your own product.
The reason why this niche is so profitable is that most of the products available in this niche are digital, which you have to make once and sell it over and over again, and the affiliate commission is also very high from 30%. 

2- Health and fitness

Health and fitness

Health and fitness are also very important because let’s be honest, you want that “perfect body”

Nowadays, everyone is jealous when they look at someone’s six-pack abs and wants some too.
This is the main reason why health and fitness are among the most profitable blog niches. People interested in fitness want to have a perfect body and are ready to spend money on it.
The health and fitness sector thus raised more than 75 billion euros in 2017, which should reach 90 billion euros by 2025.
If you are interested in health and fitness and want to share your bodybuilding or yoga tips on your blog, you could potentially make millions.
Creating and selling your own products is also the 1 way to make a lot of money here because the commission you could get with affiliate marketing on supplement sales is very low.
You can also do video training or an e-book to teach people advanced training that has gotten you all the results. Otherwise, an individual consultation is also a winner in the health and weight loss industry.

3- Technology


In terms of the 9 most profitable blog niches on the internet, we’re happy to talk to you about the tech business.

Technology has become a hype these days and technology companies sell hundreds of thousands of their products every month.
And because of this hype about the latest gadgets like phones and game consoles, etc., attract a bunch of people who are willing to buy it but want to see if it really meets their needs first. and do an online search.
This is where you can create 6 digits of potential business income by examining or unpacking the product, creating procedures, technical updates, etc.
Each Tech company and each amazon itself has an affiliate program which offers you a commission of 4% and more, graphic advertisements can also indicate a CPC of 3 € and more potentially and publications or sponsorships can bring in thousands of dollars if your blog becomes popular.
But let’s not forget that where there is a lot of money, there is great competition. Use the right keyword with less competition at the start, develop your social networks, expand your mailing list and earn money.

4- Fashion


Fashion is a huge niche and 99.9% of the world’s population wants fashion, and if it were not, all of these fashion stores like Zara, Gucci, H & M, Supreme wouldn’t be as big. that they are currently.

Fashion doesn’t just mean wearing good clothes, it also means fitness, beauty, personality, skin care, the way you behave with others and god doesn’t know what.
There is a lot of money to be made in fashion potentially millions and you will never run out of content because there is so much to say on blogs.
On the other hand, it’s really HARD because you have developed a personality that people would instantly want to show through photos or videos.
Most fashion bloggers use YouTube and Instagram as a way to make new contacts, which is one of the most cost-effective ways to make money through brand sponsorship.
Brands could easily pay you $ 2,000 or more depending on your popularity and don’t forget the free products you get from these brands and if you don’t like the product, no promotions.
And also the affiliate commission of 8% and more on each product you sell and you don’t even have to design clothes or make anything yourself. Just choose the most beautiful and affordable products and link with them, you could easily make sales.

5- Parenthood


Being a parent is a very difficult task, I know it because I am a son (all the evils and troubles they suffered because of me)

And wouldn’t you like advice on getting your new baby to speak faster or getting your son / daughter on the right track?
Parents are always looking for these things on the Internet, especially moms and they are always ready to spend money for their children in educational games or games in general.
And with such research results, it is potentially possible to make millions with affiliate marketing simply by selling those games that parents deem stupid. Or sell your own course by teaching parents how to discipline your child, I don’t know if anything is possible.

6- Food


Food blogs get millions of views but monetizing this huge traffic is very difficult because they’re not really looking to buy anything, all thanks to Google who created each recipe with one click.

If you really start to monetize your traffic, you can make a lot of money in this niche.
Although people can come to your website to search for recipes, but if you know how to sell them to the utensils you used, you could really make a lot of money.
similar article 20 ways to make money with your website

Another way to make a lot of money with food blogging is to use sponsored ads. Companies can pay you thousands of dollars to put their ad on your website if you get good traffic.

7- The Trip

Who does not want to travel?
And what will we do earlier than occurring a visit?
We will go shoppingbook hotels and book a flight. When we get there, we spend all our cash once more on shopping.
According to,global revenue generated by the travel sector, including transportation, accommodation, entertainment and attractions was $ 7.6 TR in 2016
You just need to get 0.00002% of that total to make a million. Once you’ve become popular and well-followed, you can even stay free in 5-star hotels and villas if you decide to promote this place.
But like I said earlier, where there is money, there is competition and you may need to invest in your blog by traveling and using nice photographic equipment to take cool pictures (what’s the point of traveling without a photo, especially if you’re a blogger).

8- Relationships


Relationship is one of the hottest topics in anyone’s life and if you can make it better you could be swimming for money.

People are actively searching for phrases like “how to date a date” or “how to date your best friend” (2 of the most searched phrases on Google in the relationship niche)
There are many more topics like that in relationships that do millions of searches a month, and the people who give advice on relationships are the people they talk to.
If you have good experience or think you can do this, go for it. Here is a template that you can copy
As always, you’ll need to find a sub-niche here because large niches don’t really target an audience group and it could make you the most money.

9- Personal development

Personal development is a very big niche with a lot of potentials.
Personal development blogs do not really target a specific subject, but a large niche and create targeted messages.
You can find anything from motivation, mindset to solving specific problems like depression or any other problem in a personality development blog.
When writing your messages, you must very precisely define the type of target audience and create the message accordingly.
Writing on generic topics without targeting a specific group of people will not be as beneficial as targeting a specific group of people to generate traffic.
Thanks for reading this article, if you have any questions or anything added then please let us know about your ideas and concerns in the comments.


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